High Roller: Las Vegas

Client: Caesars Entertainment
Photography and Editing: Greg Roux
Project: Sunrise to Sunset Time-Lapse
29, 6K time-lapse sequences
Over 11,000 individual images

The goal of this video is to show how the High Roller dominates the Las Vegas skyline and to compress the daytime and nighttime experiences. It was the July 4th weekend and Las Vegas was starting to fill up. Caesars Entertainment granted us all access to their properties and a private cabin on the High Roller for as long as needed.

Production stats: The camera equipment required shade to continue functioning. 11 rides, 2 days, 1 person crew, 28 time lapse sequences, over 11,000 images, 112 degrees during the day, 100 degrees at night. The RAW photo sequences are processed and converted to 4K video. Editing the final video at standard 1080 HD video with 4k content offers additional creative opportunities.