This time-lapse shows the changeover from the Russell Athletic Bowl to the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida, January 1, 2017. We had 38 hours to shoot, process, edit and upload the final video to social media complete with branded motion graphics and music.

The previous year our client, Momentum Worldwide, had positioned a single GoPro to time-lapse record the same event. The edited time-lapse was pushed out to social media and played in-store with the intent of hyping the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl. The time-lapse received 8K views. This year Momentum Worldwide was looking to increase the number of views by increasing the production value.

We were referred to Momentum Worldwide through Florida Citrus Sports at Camping World Stadium. We then conducted a preliminary photo scouting of potential shooting location along with focal length suggestions. Three locations were selected for motion controlled DSLRs to shoot time-lapse sequences. A fourth camera, a GoPro type camera (Sony FDR-X1000) was positioned up in a light tower.

The clock was ticking and nobody slept. The amount of imagery was ridiculous. The Sony FDR-X1000 alone produced 9,626 images at 10 GB. The DSLRs added a staggering 48,110 images weighing in at 630 GB. Some of the individual RAW images were 43 MB per image. The only way to process all of the time-lapse sequences into video, in time for editing, was to start processing them as soon as they came out of the camera. We set up a laptop, on location, for that purpose.

One of the advantages of editing with 48 mb images is that they have a pixel size resolution of 7952 × 5304. When you are editing in 1920 × 1080 frame you have tremendous flexibility to zoom, pan and isolate areas within that frame. This allows for a style of storytelling that is very focused and intimate.

As everyone knows, there is producing a project as designed and producing a project with client review. We were not immune to client review and because we designed the motion graphics those were also subject to review. Our deadline was to upload before 8:00 pm the day after we began shooting. Our final revised version finished uploading at 7:59 pm.

The desired outcome of increasing views was realized with over 100K views leading up to the kickoff of the Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl.

Using time lapse photography for video storytelling offers many creative opportunities. The nature of time lapse photography allows us to compress time and see the world in a fascinating way. The ability to compress time lines (a day in the life) allows us to tell stories in a visually engaging way and editing with large format images offers extensive flexibility.

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